Carnegie 2014 – a teaser


I’ve been very lucky this year that when the long list for the Carnegie award was announced at the beginning of Feb if already read all but 2 of the books.
Not often does this happen but since the addition of a longlist published after the nomination list it is more likely to happen.
There are some absolute crackers on the list (I won’t give away my favourites yet!) and some that are interesting inclusions in different ways.
Now, every year there is always a discussion around the remit of the award, how the books are chosen, for what reason, the age appropriateness of the books on the shortlist etc etc. even the students that take part year after year in our book group joke about the fact we never pick the ‘right’ winner.
However anything that provides PR, conversation or anything around children’s books is in my mind a great thing. But at this time of year even I delve into the internal struggle of picking what I want the shortlist to be and what I think it will end up being. This isn’t anything against the decision of the judges on to what they will put forward, even our students understand the difference between a popular book and a Carnegie award winner but it is always fun seeing how much the two lists overlap!
This year I think and hope, promises to be the year with the biggest crossover.
It’s a really difficult one to call with some authors that have appeared numerous times and some new ones with fantastic books. Over the coming weeks I’m going to be announcing my want and expect lists and will let you know my faves!


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