Curators of curiosities


Having worked in libraries for a number of years and it has always struck me as fascinating how many different names and job titles a librarian and a library can have.
This strange phenomenon only seems to take place in schools where a library, it seems, has always struggled to find its place.
I’ve come across LRC (learning resources centre), Digital Resource Centre, Information Hubs, Information and Learning Hubs, Central Resources Centre etc etc. librarians have been introduced as information technicians, resource managers blah blah blah.
I’ve always found it quite funny how people try and move away from the word library and librarian. Both words, that to me, not only sum up all these other titles but imply so much more too. Is there anything wrong with being a librarian and working in a library?

If so then I think I’d like to change my title to the Curator of Curiosities and work in Central Curiosity Centre.

A title that I feel aptly sums up my role and retains a little bit of mystique!


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