Free CPD for Herts 12 March


It’s been nearly two years since our SLS closed (don’t get me started on this!) and so also two years that I’ve been offering free CPD to Herts and surrounding area librarians each half term through my school in Welwyn Garden.
In that time we’ve had some fantastic talks and sessions and supplied librarians in Herts with some great opportunities and great training.
From the 100 or so Herts librarians we reach around 60 with regular attendance of 30 at each session. It’s been a great success and a marker on how much school librarians value quality CPD.
Our next session is 12 March and will be a LibMeet where we are asking librarians to come and show something the are doing in their school that quantifies under the title of ‘The future of School Librarianship’.
We want to see what things people are doing that they believe will/should be the future of our profession including anything inspirational and anything the feel is the stalwart of a school library.
I’m going to be taking the opportunity to talk about 2 very different things that I will allude to in future posts and I hope other people will come with something extra special.
Although we started the CPD for Herts libs we welcome anyone and everyone that wants to come for free training and networking!
It should be a really exciting session and if you’re interested in coming please do get in touch to book a place!


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